Halloween Treats Volume one: Kate And Allie “Halloween Episode”

On October 27, 1986 I had it planned to catch the first time airing of “Garfield’s Halloween Adventure”, so in order to not miss it, I made sure to have the television on prior to it’s showing.. a couple of other shows came on in front of my anticipated one including an episode of “Kate and Allie” a show that I knew about but wasn’t really interested in watching, it was a Halloween episode and so I figured I would go ahead and watch it for the season, needless to say that in the end, it was one of the best decisions I ever made regarding television viewing in quite a while…

(spoiler alert): while I do have a link to the show below, if you want to watch it, then don’t read the synopsis below 🙂



Synopsis: The show opens with Kate and Allie having a casual stroll down the street, and they have a small amount of dialogue before fading out into the opening credits..  When we return, we are in the apartment where Allie is doing stuff around the house and answering the door to trick or treating kids.  the kids eventually enter the picture, and they are apparently all going to go outside because there is a Halloween parade “right outside their door”. before anyone can leave though, they first have to see Kate in her Costume!   they send the kids off to the parade, and then Kate lectures Allie about getting in the spirit so to speak, and Allie reluctantly gets dressed up for the parade, as a ghost..

Everyone heads out the door to the parade,  and then it fades to some time later, and Kate is returning back from the parade with Allie, once they get inside and Kate needs to get out of her costume, she asks Allie to help her and it’s at this point that we all find out its not Allie in the the ghost costume, its some stranger!  After a bit of shock, Kate finds out his name is Bill Wells, and his wife Elaine… however the only problem here is that there is nobody with Bill.. Elaine is apparently his late wife.

After some words are exchanged, Allie arrives home from the parade, Kate pulls her aside and explains to her about Bill and Elaine is wife,  and Allie believes its best to get rid of them, so she conjures up a story about two hockey players coming over to encourage Bill to leave, and it works.. Bill leaves and Kate and Allie relax a bit…  There are a few incidents that happen that leave Kate and Allie to start believing that Elaine really did exist..  The kids come home and Kate and Allie convince them to help them look for Elaine because of the incidents… they go down to the basement and find nothing, but upon returning upstairs, things have taken a ghostly turn….

they do a little more searching for clues about Elaine, and eventually Kate and Allie find out that they are subjects of a Halloween prank by none other than the kids themselves. they plan to have a ghost visit them, however Kate and Allie plot their revenge as well..  after the commercial break we find everyone in the room, with the seance about to begin,  with some conjuring words, a “ghost” appears from the hallway closet, (its the two sons dressed up) Kate and Allie fake a bit of being scared,  but then all of the sudden, Allie goes into a weird trance, the kids are startled, Kate is shocked, Allie begins to moan some words, all of the sudden the other closet door opens up and we see a ghost like woman emerge from smoke and a Erie light.. the kids are scared, and then Kate and Allie laugh as the door closes and the ghost disappears.


the Kids realize that they have been done in by their moms, and then chip and Eddie pop out of the closet to see if the ghost is gone.  When Allie confronts them, the other kids inquire as to who is in the other closet, Allie informs them that it’s Mrs.Greenly from upstairs, and she yells over to the door for her to come out when the doorbell rings. When Allie opens the door its Mrs. Greenly from upstairs dressed as the ghost. she informs Allie that she didn’t make it back down it time to do the prank and she apologized.. when they go to the closet to investigate, there is nobody in there, the door suddenly opens and closes and then  there is a knock on the door, the door opens and it’s bill Wells again, dressed as a ghost,  he takes his sheet off and tells them that “Elaine said she had a hell of a time”…….there is a little more banter before the ending credits close out this fantastic episode!

This truly is one of my all time favorite episodes of a television show, and I most definitely watch it every single Halloween season.  If you’re interested in watching the episode, you can see it in it’s entirety below!

Kate & Allie Halloween II

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