Who is Fuzzy

You could say that Fuzzy is just your average kind of guy, that doesn't ask for too much from this thing called life. I have my own view and opinions of things, and I won't budge on them, and chances are you will find my views rather harsh.

I live in a small town in Missouri and have been here for almost 4 years, and won't go back to city life for nothing. I don't lead a majorly active life, but I do try and live it to the fullest way I know.

What I enjoy:

When I'm not slaving at my job 5 days a week, you can find me riding coasters at various parks in the summer, and relaxing at home the rest of the time. I'm an avid horror movie fan, as well as classics and musicals.

I am somewhat of a gaming geek, and spend what I feel is too much time on my computer doing just that, gaming. my gaming addictions include but aren't limited to: Planet Coaster, No limits, Yoworld, and SuperCity...